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A healing session after which you will be whole, complete and energetically clean.

Contents of the session:

- It is a session you only need to do once and it can be done in private or in a group. This healing helps you to clear all the charges and unwanted energies, yours or not, in a loving and easy way.
- You are going to understand the most important hampering aspects and will learn to transform them so your experiences will serve you to be happy in your present and can look forward to the future with love and confidence.
- The collective energies that are with you like fear, poverty, suppression will be permanently removed in a smooth way.

-  All kinds of energies from the past will be cleared and transformed, so that they become 'fuel' for your future instead of a heavy charge.

- You will learn how to end the themes you once chose to experience in a pleasant and easy way.

- You will clear your relationships throughout all times.

- You can chose to finish all the oaths and promises you ever made.

- Parts of your soul that have been lost will be returned to you in love and balance, in the present, after a thourough cleaning.

- And much more.


Who are we and where do we come from?
I think each of us, without exception is a light being with an experience on Earth, no matter how badly somebody behaves.
Basically we are whole and complete and each one of us has chosen to experience what it is to NOT be whole and complete. Welcome to this duality world, a world with opposites like good - evil, black - white, etc.
So, we can try very hard to be perfect, but we will never succeed. And we do not need to be perfect, because all those imperfect experiences are giving us precious insights which help us to experience our future in an optimal way.  

Each of us once stepped out of Unity to experience all possibilities of distiorsion. For all these happenings we of course need opponents. For example: if you want to experience what it is like to be abandoned, you need someone who deserts you. If you want to experience abuse, you need a violator. If you want to know what it is to be poor, you will search for the circumstances that will leave you in poverty.

Sometimes I compare our duality world with a fun-fair: people can compose their own 'fun'-package and choose the attractions they want. Some are in a gondola, enjoying the colors, smells and sweet music whilst others prefer a rocking battle ship.  Some are playing with the elves, whilst others prefer to be in a haunted house and so forth. The annoying side effect however is that we collect a lot of emotional, mental and pfysical charge during these experiences. The Healing For Wholeness session is perfect for getting rid of these burdens.

We all once started with these themes and therefore we can also chose to finish them. I will teach you how to do that during the healing session.

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