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Johanna Kleipool
Merkaba and Universal Perspective Teacher and
Practitioner Healing For Wholeness

Hello Reader!

Welcome to my website where I present my activities in several languages.
First of all I want to tell you something about myself.

As the first born of a ‘pod’ of seven children with two scientists as parents, I was raised in a family where the ratio was highly appreciated and according to the family tradition, I chose my education in the field of bèta-studies.
In his spare time, however, my father also studied  Evolution, and consequently all books of Teilhard de Chardin, books about Atlantis, the Maya’s and many more were found throughout the house. They were part of our daily upbringing.
His enormous collection of crystals coming from all parts of the world, had a mysterious attraction for me.  I often accompanied my father to places where they exchanged crystals.
Both of these rich sides of life with their scientific and religious/spiritual ‘ingredients’ have always been important aspects of my life.

When being very young, I discovered that the seperate aspects made nobody happy. So, for me the most logical step was to find a combination of both aspects.
Rather young I started travelling around the world visiting and living in many countries, studying Acupuncture, Budhism and other ism’s. Everywhere I found precious pieces of the puzzle, which I collected like treasures in my esotheric backpack untill one day they all, unexpectedly, fell together and showed me the big picture. This happened whilst attending a Flower of Life workshop in 1994.
During that same workshop the profound wish arose from my heart to share this knowledge with anybody interested, in the form of giving workshops.

Ever since my training as a teacher by Drunvalo Melchizedek personally, in Arizona, I have been dedicating myself for 19 years to giving fulltime the Flower of Life and -since July 2011- the Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshops.
Now I have decided that I won’t be anymore the representative of the information and wisdom of others.
My authentic self has made a synthesis of many energetic disciplines and has come by itself with the contents of my new workshop.
This implies that as from now I will ONLY give the workshop Spirital Pillars* with the purpose to inspire the participants to refind their authenticity, to activate their Merkaba (light vehicle) and start their way back home, to the Oneness again.
Sacred Geometry will be applied in the workshop Spiritual Pillars, which helps to make the invisible reality more understandable and tangible, as well as to really ‘see’ and accept that there is merely oneness.

Before you can go from your head to your heart; before you can really live as from your heart and will be able to activate your Merkaba as from your heart, it is essential to do a thorough healing because most hearts have suffered a lot of pain and separation. To be able to go from drama to humor many old issues have to be healed. It is essential that the participants of the workshop be whole and complete and have let go most of their fears. Therefore I am giving this special healing session during the workshop. It is a private healing session which we will do in the group. Being in a group, it enhances the effect of the healing session.
I also give these healing sessions both privately as well as in groups.

My curiosity led me to almost all existing energetic disciplines and they have formed me into the teacher I am today.
I love working with groups and I have learned a lot from all the participants of my workshops.

I believe that this knowledge and these tools should be available for everybody, regardless of their background, education and/or their financial means. About this you can read more under the Workshop button. (Social service).

Meanwhile I have started to write short stories, from which the first has been realeased on YouTube: The Story of Hare #1
Many will follow. I really love this writing!
Enjoy the stories!

I hope to see you in one of my workshops!

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