Red Sphere videos

After the 2 short free videos from the White Sphere (introduction) module, video 1-4 from the Red Sphere is ideal to get a good impression of this video series.

With the entire Red Sphere module you learn to optimize your own energy fields and how to remove emotional and mental charges.

The entire Red Sphere module consists of 8 videos.

“Hello Johanna, I have seen video Red 1. There is undoubtedly much more to come and what I saw, really touched me. How important are images! Most lessons consist of spoken and/or written words. I always had to deal with making the right images. And now they just come alongside. It moves me very much. I look forward to the rest. Thank you so much!, John”

Why work with our EM-fields?

Since we consist of more than 99% pure energy and information and a fraction of 1% temporary physical body, it makes a lot of sense to work with our energy fields. Our physical body resonates with our energy fields.

For most people, the Electro-Magnetic fields are distorted by shocking events in our life. You can learn to put your own energy fields back in order and clean them regularly.

This knowledge, which was only intended for a few privileged persons, I have simplified to a self-study time of almost 4 hours, and for EVERYONE.

Image of all videos

You don’t need any prior knowledge! It is for people aged 7-97.

Anyone can learn!

Enjoy it!