Open your heart and discover your inner wealth, creativity, dreams, strength & deeper layers within yourself.
By learning to activate your Merkaba, you work on developing your self-healing, awareness, personal growth and self confidence.

The following tools will help you:

These 7 free videos (out of 27) are waiting for you at Videoseries. Enjoy your inner balance!
With these videos you will learn to work with your energy fields. Your self-confidence will grow.
These steps are an important preparation for being able to activate your Merkaba.
Once you have understood this method, it will only take you 2 minutes a day to keep your energy fields in optimal order.

Johanna about the website

The Master Your Energy video series helps to know your energy fields!

In the Master Your Energy video series you will learn step by step how to restore your energy fields from the inside out, clean them and add much more energy.
As a consequence, solar explosions, electricity pylons, television, cell phones, exhaust fumes, pollution etc. will no longer bother you.
Anyone can learn this! You don’t need any prior knowledge.

What is Merkaba?

Click here if you want to know what Merkaba is

And you will learn to work with your energy fields.
Everything begins inside of you, and then pours out.


Before watching these 4 videos, I could not understand the Merkaba.
I am visual.
Now, I have finally found the missing, (most important) piece of the puzzle.
I compare it to reading musical notes from a paper. It gives me certainty.
I have been practicing putting my Electro-Magnetic (EM) fields in order and clean them daily. For the first time I am calm and confident with and inside of my own EM field.
This beautiful, life’s work gives a huge change to this ancient knowledge.
And what a beautiful, clear and cool website you have with the presentations.
I offer you my congratulations and deep thanks! Mary

In addition, you can consult chapters 13 and 14 of the book: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, as well as: Living from the Heart, written by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
This ancient knowledge was already available in the days of Ancient Egypt, but only to a few privileged persons, but now to all.

Independently -in your own time- you can study this video series that contains 5 hours of animated video material. In that way you work on developing your self-healing, awareness, personal growth, and self-confidence.
Begin to perceive life in a different way!

After completing the modules you will have an abundance of energy so that you can do much more besides your daily activities, which will make you happy, healthy and grateful!

Anyone between 8 and 108 can learn to work with their energy fields, and enjoy it!