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Johanna finished Master Your Energy!
Johanna about the website

This video is too long to put on Facebook.
It is part of a series in which I explain what you can expect to find, do, learn, with me.

You can find the whole introductory video series on my facebook page: Merkaba International.

The Master Your Energy video series can help you with that!

In the Master Your Energy video series you will learn step by step how to restore your energy fields from the inside out, clean them and add much more energy.
As a consequence, solar explosions, electricity pylons, television, cell phones, exhaust fumes, pollution etc. will no longer bother you.
Anyone can learn this! You don’t need any prior knowledge.

My gift for you

My gift for you: the first 4 videos of the Red Sphere module with which you’ll learn to put your energy fields in their optimal shape as the first step of the complete Merkaba teachings.

In addition, you can consult chapters 13 and 14 of the book: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, as well as: Living from the Heart, written by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
This ancient knowledge was already available in the days of Ancient Egypt, but only to a few privileged persons, but now to all.

Independently -in your own time- you can study this video series that contains 4,5 hours of animated video material.
After completing the modules you will have an abundance of energy so that you can do much more besides your daily activities, which will make you happy, healthy and grateful!

It is simple and fun

I think that the whole project as it is proposed has a very clear identity, very valuable contents, it is concrete (wisdom and concentrated experience), it is didactic, the structure of the presentation is very good, the handling of the images and the color is excellent (they reflect the content of the message at every opportunity), it has identity and unity, it has spirit (it is your contribution of eternity in the world of forms), it is a way for personal and human enlightenment, it is simple and fun.
Some phrases denote that you are foreign, and this translates in a nice way when you relate and write with a degree of imperfection, that reflect the sympathy and grace of your person.
Charles (Architect)

Anyone between 7 and 107 can learn to increase
the frequency of their energy fields and benefit from it!


Heart & Soul Healing Session

You can request a private session online.
This Heart and Soul healing mostly needs to be done only once.
To start I will give you another look at life based on the quantum science.
With this explanation you can know who you are, what you are doing here in this world of duality; what this world is about; and finally where we will go.
Then I will work with your subconscious, and I will dialogue with it. This I do by asking you a lot of questions, and your subconscious immediately gives the answers, because it knows everything. All the history of your soul is stored cellularly in your body. The session will go out loud.
Each part of the session I explain what I am going to do and I always ask for your permission. Without your permission nothing will happen!
In a very appropriate, gentle, safe and respectful way, we will eliminate foreign energies such as: collective, from the past, entities.
We will then search in all time and space openings for those parts of your own soul that you lost, and arrange for these parts to return -but only after a thorough cleansing- to you in the here and now, so that you are completely whole and complete.
You may record the session with your cell phone, but please without video.