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VIP-guided MYE – all videos (4 months)

 2,450 VAT included

VIP online workshop in which we cover the entire video series together. In 4 sessions of 2 hours, we cover one module per week. See the longer description.


VIP-online workshop

For this ‘product’ you will have the opportunity for 4 weeks to study all videos per module under the guidance of myself, Johanna

Voor dit ‘product’ krijg je 4 weken lang de gelegenheid om onder leiding van mijzelf, Johanna, alle video’s per module te bestuderen. Je krijgt aanvullend materiaal aangereikt om thuis onder begeleiding te doen. Het is jouw keuze of je er gebruik van maakt of niet.
Groepsgrootte: 1-10 personen.
Dagen en tijden in overleg.

First week

The first week we will jointly discuss the Red Sphere videos, in which you will learn to adjust your Electro-Magnetic fields, to clear all mental and emotional ballast.
It concerns the first 6 breaths of the 17 breaths in total.

Second week

The second week we cover the Blue Sphere videos, which teach you to breathe prana or vital energy (Chi) and create an internal and external prana sphere, which you can consider as your ‘fuel tanks’. You need an optimal amount of energy to make your Electro-Magnetic fields spin. We will work with the 7th to the 14th breaths.

Third week

The third week is to cover the first part of the Yellow Globe videos. You learn to start the engine of your Merkaba. There is no vehicle that can function without starting up.

Fourth week

The fourth week we will go through and understand the second part of the Yellow Globe videos. In this section you will learn to activate your Merkaba. We also cover how to use your Merkaba. Furthermore, how you can make a Merkaba around your home and / or workplace.

– Unity Breath

Finally, also the Unity Breath, which are an extension of the Merkaba and allow us to breathe in and have prana with a higher frequency in and around us.

The higher the frequency, the higher our consciousness. We then perceive the world in a completely different way.

For questions I invite you to use the contact form on my website.

You don’t have to go through all the videos alone. We do it together and whenever you have questions, we can deal with them on the spot.

After the workshop

After the online VIP workshop you will get an extra 3 months to watch all the videos as often as you want.



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