Your video series came so well on time!

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I have learned to activate my MerKaBa, with Johanna I think that by 1998 or 99, I no longer remember.
What I do remember from the first moment is that everything she taught and Drunvalo’s messages resonated so deep inside me that I couldn’t hold my heart from how it was beating.
It was the thrill of coming home after a long journey. As if the truth that I searched for so long was revealed to me at that moment. It was what I always felt inside of me, and could not find an explanation,
No matter what words you say, they will never express that feeling or all my emotions.
I wanted to share it with as many people as I could, and for several years I was the host of Johana in my house, happy to facilitate this teaching.
Now, in these moments when the earth stops us from so much distraction, and that it gives us enough time; now more than ever it is time to activate our MerKaBa, to enter this new stage of Gaia.
The video series are very didactic, and if all the steps are followed, it is like doing the workshop. It these moments of physical isolation, it is of great help. Thanks Johanna, your video series came so well on time!