In all my academic career so far, I think it is the most appreciated teaching I have.

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Dear Johanna Donna;
I practice the Merkaba since spring 2007.
Since then I have had a multitude of experiences that I still cannot describe with words, although with music.
These experiences have been forging more and more my knowledge of the veracity and authenticity of this technique that you teach in such a pleasant, simple way and based on real love.
In all my academic career so far, I think it is the most appreciated teaching I have.
It was a blessing that thanks to you, my wife has also been able to learn her Merkaba, that we practice it together and in a shared way.
I have the deep conviction that it is a key piece to live in a state of constant, moderate and harmonic happiness.
The current moment in the history of civilization on our planet can be very threatening and confusing due to the multitude of new stimuli and information. And I am not able to conceive of a simpler and more practical way than with the Merkaba technique to continue living in the simplicity of natural thought and bear fruit from the genius with which we are all born without exception. But sadly, this innate natural genius is diluted between power and manipulation games that our known history (and present day) is full of.
I feel that even having learned (or remembered) thirteen years ago, there is a danger of forgetting it. And it has happened to me, and it is not pleasant. So it has been a great luck to meet you again and emphasize the idea that the daily practice of 5 minutes of dedication is enough to travel excellence. Thanks to you, I also feel very lucky to know unpublished details of this technique that lead me to feel an efficacy without a doubt.
I think that personal contact with the person who teaches is necessary to receive knowledge from the essence. And the online academic experiences that have taken root in me have been those in which there has previously been direct contact.
I loved the concept that you mentioned in one of your videos that circulate online, and that no one with a minimum of culture can deny. And it is that our being is a 99.999999 …% quantum void and the rest 0.0 … 01% is matter. And here I link it with an idea that the director of the “Master in Ecoarchitecture and Applied Bioconstruction” that I am currently studying at the University of Girona transmitted to us: That if the nucleus of an atom is like a ball that we hold in our hands, the electron , in proportion, is at 34 kilometers. This is a pedagogical way of understanding the “quantum vacuum”. And continuing with the concept that I loved about your video, the Merkaba technique is about ordering all the energy fields that focus on our being. And my conclusion is that this leads to being able to govern our inner reality with scientifically measurable coherence.