These videos are a real treasure!

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These videos are a real treasure !!
Transmitting knowledge about the Merkaba in such a didactic way is invaluable.
I loved the dynamics, the colors are very attractive, there is humor and a lot of simplicity in the explanations, which makes it very attractive.
The overlapping of drawings and animations makes it clearer and easier to understand.
I loved the new videos you added to the Red Sphere !!! great !!!!
The tutorial on how to assemble the star tetrahedron is fantastic, very educational and makes it possible for each person to assemble it at home.
It is wonderful that in the Yellow Sphere there are two videos on how to create the merkaba, depending on whether you are male or female.
Spectacular the final video where Johanna responds to “Whys and Hows?”. If there was still any doubt, with that video all doubts are clarified.
I also liked the price, very affordable.
I think everyone should give themselves the opportunity to know and practice the Merkaba. Thanks to Johanna Kleipool they give this great opportunity.