info: Electro-Magnetic fields (EM)

5 years since we started the video series Master Your Energy!!!
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The Red sphere videos are about your Electro-Magnetic (EM) fields.
Because there is a logical structure in Master Your Energy, we recommend that you follow the videos in the following order:
– The very short videos of the introduction (info White Sphere)
– The videos about your Electro-Magnetic fields (this page)
– The videos about Prana/Chi/Vital Energy (info Blue Sphere)
– The final videos to learn to activate your Merkaba (info Yellow Sphere)
When you watch the videos several times, you each time will understand this ancient information better and better.

Because we consist of more than 99% of pure energy and information, and have for less than 1% a temporary physical body, it makes perfect sense to work with our energy fields. As a consequence, our physical body will resonate with our energy fields.
Unfortunately, the Electro-Magnetic fields of most people are distorted by several shocking events in their life.
Most videos last between 1 to 15 minutes. The visual images and animations help you to understand your Electro-Magnetic fields even better.

Everybody can learn to put his/her own energy fields in order and to clean them!

My gift to you

My gift to you consists of the first 4 videos of the Red Sphere module.
With these you’ll learn to bring your energy fields into their proper position and you will learn how to eliminate the mental and emotional ballast from them.

These are the 8 thumbnails of the entire Red Sphere:

Go to Members, if you obtained acces to Master Your Energy, and click on the ‘product’ you chose.

Free PDF folding sheet. Create and view the shape of these Electro-Magnetic fields yourself (Star tetrahedron).

Download free PDF Download free PDF
Star tetrahedron

With these 8 videos from the Red sphere you can learn to understand how your EM-fields should look like, put them -with intention and attention- around yourself and learn how to purify them.
The unique animations are designed and implemented by MerkabaLight to provide even more clarity and understanding.

  1. You learn to understand EM fields
  2. Then you learn to restore them to their official proportions
  3. With 6 breaths you learn how to clean them

  • Video 1: general information about our Electro-Magnetic fields
  • Video 2: man in the star tetrahedron, who looks like the Star of David, but 3- dimensional
  • Video 3: woman in the star tetrahedron and additional information
  • Video 4: explanation about cleaning up your EM fields with seated man; first 6 breaths
  • Video 5: explanation of how to clean your EM fields with a woman standing; first 6 breaths
  • Video 6: side track: explanation of how to clean your EM fields with a standing man; first 6 breaths
  • Video 7: side track: demonstration and explanation about building a star tetrahedron
  • Video 8: side track: a different understanding of homosexuality based on the knowledge of the EM fields

In the next chapter, of the Blue Sphere, you learn how you can optimally provide yourself with energy.