Prana or essential life force energy

The Blue Sphere is about Prana. We recommend that you follow the order of viewing because it has a logical structure. When you watch the videos several times, it will benefit your understanding.

Prana is vital energy. Other names are Chi or Tachion

You learn to:

  1. Work with prana
  2. Generate optimally concentrated prana (vital energy)
  3. How to create an internal and external prana sphere
  4. The positions of the hands (Mudra).
  5. How to use your internal and external golden prana spheres to increase the frequencies of your own physical body, helping all cells and organs to function better.

The Blue Sphere videos:

  • Video 1: general information about Prana
  • Video 2: about Prana spheres
  • Video 3: mudras and breathings 7 – 14
  • Video 4: breathing 7 – 14
  • Video 5: side track: using your internal prana sphere
  • Video 6: side track: back to back

In the videos of the Yellow Sphere you will learn how to create your Merkaba.