With the Videoseries MasterYourEnergy you learn to work with your energy fields in a clear, simple and visual way

Are you optimally energized and do you feel great about yourself?

You can achieve it with the video series Master Your Energy. In this video series you will learn to work with your own energy fields. The video series was made by Johanna Kleipool. After 25+ years of experience as a full-time Merkaba teacher in many places of the world, she has decided to put an essential part of her teachings into a video series: Master Your Energy for many people.  You will be guided through very ancient wisdom which Johanna has translated into very clear and easily to understand texts and self-developed images and animations. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Everyone can learn this. The instructions are constructed in a logical way. It is important that you follow the instructions exactly. You can check step by step whether you have followed the guidelines correctly. It is recommended to watch the videos in their logical order.
If you need help, you can always ask your question via the contact form.

The Master Your Energy video series gives instructions on how you can work with your own energy fields in a comprehensible and structured way.

Every time it becomes more clear to you. Take your time and enjoy them.
Let go of old thoughts. Thousands of people around the world have preceded you.

Patience and attention are two important ingredients.

The knowledge, presented in the videos, is very old. This was taught at the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. This knowledge was only accessible to a few. In these ancient schools they followed 12 years of training for the left (mental) half of the brain and the next 12 years of training for the right (intuitive) half of the brain and only then did they learn how to activate their own Merkaba.

Drunvalo Melchizedek wrote the books: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life and Living in the Heart. He gives us insight into the development of consciousness through many civilizations. Sacred geometry is the starting point for his explanation and of very diverse subjects such as: Atlantis, the esoteric Horus schools of Egypt, but also about the unity which is hidden behind all the diversity and duality, etc.

After years of bringing the knowledge of the Flower of Life AND MERKABA over the world in the form of workshops, I have now put the teachings on videos with animations. The level of consciousness has in fact changed in so many places that I am convinced that the knowledge of the Merkaba now can be understood and absorbed independently through this video series: Master Your Energy.
Daily I keep my own EM-fields in order and clean and I have activated my Merkaba all the time. That is why I always feel great about myself on all levels and enjoy an abundance of energy.

Enjoy my life’s work!