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With your gift, MerkabaLight can go on developing new spheres: Green, Orange, Purple.

Ever since June 12th, 2017, the MerkabaLight Team has been developing these special and visual video series called Master Your Energy. The unique Merkaba online course.
With a lot of gratitude we receive your financial support so that we can continue developing the video series “Master Your Energy” (new spheres: Orange, Green and Purple).

colours MasterYourEnergy
These spheres represent the Master Your Energy video series, which has been finished.
The 7 spheres
The spheres with the secondary colors (Green, Purple & Orange) are in development.

All chapters exist already in three languages: English, Dutch and Spanish

Your financial support will be used for:

  • Developing the next chapters: 1. Sacred Geometry (Purple); 2. Another vision to life based upon the Quantum Science (Orange) and 3. working with the Pineal Gland and creating the Merkaba as from your heart (Green).
  • Adding new meditations, blogs, vlogs, audio’s to the BLOG
  • Translations of the video series into Turkish and Russian and other languages
  • A special edition for children as from 7 years old.
  • And much more!

The MerkabaLight Team -and all the future viewers around the whole world- wish to thank you for your support!

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